Writing Backwords

This page is an index for all my posts on writing and reading. If you want to write professionally, read better or read some cool tips, I will be updating this page regularly with posts on that point.  Some of my posts are inspired by this hilarious video:

I’d love to link your work down below if it touches on any of themes mentioned in the video, just send me a comment or a pingback. Feel free to write about other topics as well, as this video is not meant to limit your creativity but to stimulate it. Do you not agree with what I have written? Feel free to write a post contrary to mine and I will link it too. poems, art work, comics, and rants are always welcome. Truth, after all, can only be found in discourse and the tension between opinions.

Overtime I’m hoping to have an archive of diverse opinions on reading and writing, something that can act as a timeless page for writers new and old.

In order of oldest to most recent:

I don’t need you to be my hero

I’m going to write a novel. For the love of all that is holy, why?

Cheap carbon copies

5 thoughts on “Writing Backwords

  1. This is hilarious!!!!!! I’m going right out and write my novel now. Do you think I can have it finished by Monday? LOLOLOL
    Congratulations on your nomination for the Liebster Award. 🙂

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