Youth is a B—

Youth is many things, and in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge I’ve come up with this poem. Enjoy!

An unwanted burden

you carry or

a fruit unharvested,

unripened and rich?

Either way, it’s still a—

The girl running breathless in the snow

the wizened scholar at her oak desk

the nervous painter at his first art show

the determined boy standing at the pitch

Youth remains by your side, a loyal—

But now it eludes you, slips through your creased fingers

hides under pampered cheeks and stylish shoes,

hazarding appearances in soft smiles; never does it linger

leaving only laugh scars where once youth grew.

Hurry, gather what is left and preserve it in a ditch

Too late, it’s already gone, that sneaky—!

Some say youth is a blessing, a birth rite,

a bold stone, weathered not withered by the sea;

the beloved years, the black days, the winged bird in flight

but either way it’s still a B.

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40 thoughts on “Youth is a B—

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      • I think the hard thing about being a post-adolescent is that there’s so much happening biologically and there are so many expectations in place for what it’s supposed to be like to be young (both good and bad). I didn’t even see my high school experience for what it actually was until 40 years later!

      • Words of wisdom flow from your mouth. I am at the point where I am questioning every decision I make, every course I take, every word I write. Sometimes the anxiety goes away and sometimes it just nudges, constantly, until I question why I even bother doing anything.

        I am so scared I’ll do it wrong. What exactly this “what” is I don’t know, which is a source of more anxiety. Should I get my masters? Should I intern? Should I get published? So many things to consider that sometimes I wish life didn’t present so many freaking options.

        And then the anxiety goes away and I feel fine for a while. I don’t know Martha, sometimes not knowing is good and sometimes it irritates the marbles out of me.

      • I don’t think that ever goes away. We think it will but I’m in the same place now, trying to figure out whether to retire or not, move to Colorado, and if so, where, and what do I want next and what’s the right thing and why did I make the commitment to teach, could I have made it as a writer? I think we have hurdles all the way through. I didn’t always think that — but sometime in my thirties (and I notice it in all thirty-somethings now) I really felt like, “Oh man, I’d better figure it out NOW.” Thirty-somethings are pretty stressed because they think 40 is old and they have to figure things out and straighten out the world before they’re forty (this is all a matter of biology [biological clocks DO wind down] and social chatter just like when a person’s 19 or 20.

      • And at 60 well, a person can’t pretend (to themselves) that they’re young any more and the NEXT change is pretty intense and permanent. I don’t really have regrets looking back on my life, but I made a lot of mistakes and I feel a lot of pressure because I can’t afford another big mistake (as I’ve made in the past) because I probably won’t have 20 years to make it right (seems to be the usual time it’s taken to straighten out my mistakes 😉 )

        As for writing, you can’t mess up as long as you do it. As long as you do it, consciously, you’ll improve. That’s a sure bet! 🙂

      • I think I am too hard in myself. We are too hard on ourselves. My delusion is seeing life as some unified image, a puzzle that needs to be figured out, as if placing one piece means another will follow. I have realized that life is a puzzle, a jumble of pieces that do not quite fit together or create a unified image. Life’s moments are slivers from the endless avenues that we could have taken, should have taken, might have taken; all strong together. I see this, but I choose to see the whole picture. The pretty image that gets solved when I’m thirty.

        But hearing you say that it doesn’t get easier is a relief. It makes worrying pointless.

        I think I’ve conquered the anxiety for a little bit, put it to rest. Now it’s time for me to follow. Good night or morning or afternoon where you are. Thanks for your voice.

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  6. Your wonderful poem really made me contemplate aspects of youth I had previously overlooked. So used to society’s fixation on youth, I never considered it to be a burden. You articulate such a refreshing perspective so vividly and with rich humor!

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