Where does love belong?

Women, men, inter-sexes , religious followers, Atheists, scientists, philosophers, homosexuals, transsexuals, capitalists, democrats, communists republicans, humans, answer me this one hypothetical question:

What does it mean to belong to a religion that hates you?

10 thoughts on “Where does love belong?

  1. I know – I have issues with organised religion simply because once people get involved in making the rules on who goes where then the spirit of the message becomes distorted.

    • You’re right, that can happen.

      By posing this question I’m not saying that religion is hatred or love, I just want to know about the experiences of others, people who feel that religion has hurt them. Thanks for keeping that in mind with your response, because if we can’t question the things that we hold as truth then what are we?

      • I think it is good to question – and I am sure that the higher powers encourage that – otherwise they would have left much more explicit directions for all of us on all topics so I just assume that part of our journey through life is finding which path we wish to lead us home.

  2. The interesting paradox is that evolution (rejected by many fundamentalist religions) is absolutely not “tolerant.” It does not ‘like’ that which does not further the existence of a species. I suspect that religions are just an unconsciously developed, human evolutionary strategy to eliminate “others” and also to get rid of that and those who do not strive toward the biological imperative, nature’s constant war for supremacy.

    • That is definitely a possible motivation behind religions and non-religions. Do you think that the desire to eliminate “others” is natural? Has it been affected or catalyzed by greed, capitalism and exploitation? Or is survival of the best a natural feature of human societies?
      Just curious and poking. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • All species do this. “Coexistence” is a choice humans can make but I do not think other species can make that choice. What appears like coexistence to us is indifference, symbiosis, parasitism. The thing is, the natural world (of which we are a part but don’t seem to like to think so or maybe remember this) is not “burdened” with conscience and doesn’t act out of malice. That’s the “fall of man” — the knowledge of good and evil. That knowledge doesn’t seem to supersede the fundamental imperative to win. I think of all the OTHER humans who once existed. We beat them out. “Best” in our created terms is different from ‘best’ in our biological imperative terms.

  3. I say all this believing that God is a good idea and having been thrown out of the church in which I was raised, so basically, nothing makes sense. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We are a part of the universe, and our freedom – whether God given or not – shapes us. It would be interesting to consider humanity without the development of religion, that is to say, could there be God without religion? Actually, can we have God with no religions associated with it?

      Yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ that is what I have concluded, nothing makes sense at all.

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