I just came back from Jupiter

I didn’t actually come back from Jupiter. I’m sorry if I tricked you into believing this post was about planetary travel. I need some earthly help.

I had a dream that I was standing on my porch with my family. We were all staring at Mars in the night sky. I don’t mean that we were looking off into the distance. There was a red ball in the sky and it grew in size as the blue sky darkened.

Then all the planets appeared, and my dad kept on saying “take a photo, get it centred.” I took some photos with my phone, but my dad kept telling me to take photos, as if I hadn’t taken any at all. Eventually my attention shifted to the massive green ball of Jupiter. Stunned by the planets (which of course we had never seen until now) we remained outside the entire night.

I’m thinking the writing and planetary gods are telling me to write more science fiction. Maybe the point of the dream is that I’m going colour blind. Or maybe I just need a better phone.

Any dream experts out there? I’m more than open to interpretations of this wacky dream.

20 thoughts on “I just came back from Jupiter

  1. Oh, it must have been a wonderful dream. All those colours. Dream readers would say it’s your subconscious asking you to go out and have adventures and be better at recording it. And we all know what Mr. Freud would think of it! 😉 😀

  2. So it took me a while (ok all night & a dream) to remember a quick a easy way to look at dreams:
    T: Title (if this was a play/movie – what would the title be)
    E: Environment (describe the environment and how is this different than reality?)
    T: Theme (what genre who this be in? dark comedy, tragedy, etc.)
    Q: Question (what question is the dream asking?)

    Good luck!

    • The title would be Green Jupiter. The environment. Well I think it was the same as Earth, but space and time were distorted. If it would definitely be a sci-fi. Lastly, the question. Maybe:
      1) Why are you s obsessed with capturing everything through a technological medium?
      2) Have you travelled enough?
      3) Are you happy with where you are now in life?

      Thanks for those questions, this has been rather therapeutic.

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