My Music Mondays

What do you do when you write? What I mean to say is are you engaged in any other activities or are you solely focussed on the words? For me, I sometimes need complete silence. I can’t even take the clicking of the keyboard. Other times I need a song playing in the background, something to ground my ideas and words. Like I said in My Music Picks: Peaky Blinders, if a picture paints a thousand words a lyric evokes a thousand images. When I’m listening to certain songs I can see entire scenes playing out before my eyes. When I reach for them, try to commit them to paper, they vanish. It’s sort of like a musical trance where my stories are made vivid and tangible by music. And as soon as the music stops so do the moving scenes. It’s weird but I can’t be the only one out there who feels this way.

Here are some of the songs I listen to when I write. I don’t always go for these songs because I go based on how I’m feeling at the moment.

Anything Radiohead works for me. This playlist is one of the only playlists I can listen to while studying.

I love Soley’s sound and lyrics. When I first heard Pretty Face I wasn’t feeling it, but like anything good she has grown on me.

I’d love to hear what you listen to for inspiration. We can compile everyone’s personal music picks into an album of creative awesomeness. Leave me a comment with your music picks and I’ll definitely give them a listen. Let me know what you think of mine too.

6 thoughts on “My Music Mondays

  1. I was tickled by this post. 🙂 I used to have a radio program that aired on Mondays called “Across Turtle Island”. I would play cultural music by Native American / American Indian / First Nations artists. Yes, I agree, music is a great language. As for my music picks, I would have to say that these artists come to mind immediately … Broken Walls, Cheryl Bear, Eagle & Hawk, and Arvel Bird.

  2. Found this just now at perfect time. Love how this happens on WP! Thanks for this extra oomph. Love Radiohead too. I heard them playing in a field once didn’t have tickets to the gig but was nearby! Hope you have bags of Sunday sunshine in your neck of the wood.

    • Hehe, It’s strange how the things we need come to us right when we need them. I’d love to see Radiohead in concert, or maybe from a distance on a hill, away from all of the bodies but close enough to feel the energy.

      That is amazing! Free concerts are the best I’ve never had the fortune of enjoying one from the distance, but it is on my list of things to do.

      Today was beautiful. I woke up with the sun’s rays beating down on me, and knew that spring wasn’t far off.

      • Hurray for Spring! Although it’s cloudy today. Bah. It was amazing to hear the quality of their music played live (sat in a pal’s garden in the dark!) and not have to deal with the crush of being at the concert itself. Here’s to lots of great concerts! Hope you have great week.

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