What Am I?

The Weekly Writing Challenge  seemed interesting, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve broken my post up into a poem and a short story. Check back to see the answer to the poem in the short story. Comments and feedback on both are welcome and appreciated.

What Am I?

Thousands of white soldiers fell from the sky.

We swayed in the wind, marched to the death beat.

We feared no man, gun or sword – only heat

For us; hear no mother weep or child cry

You know we are the dead before we die.

But did we not once lay by your cold feet?

Did we not fall for you; for you death meet

So fearless, you may walk where dead corpses lie?

We won each battle, we lost ev’ry war

The sun made sure of eternal defeat

Still we fall from the sky knowing not why.

There is no colour in our ranks, warmth nor

Life. Some bleed red, we grey, when death we meet

Hushed, crushed, stepped on, stepped by; silent we die.

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